Yuzu Ramen At Afuri

Ah, ramen. You taste so good in every variation, whether you’re in soupy, delicious broth, or whether you’re being tsukemen which involves dipping into a separate bowl of soup. I’ve tried tomato ramen before which is always full of slurpy goodness, but today I’m going to talk about another of my favourite ramen, yuzu ramen!

If you’re in Tokyo, you shouldn’t leave without trying out yuzu ramen at Afuri. Afuri is a chain, so you will find lots of shops scattered around Tokyo. I’ve been to the shops in Harajuku and Ebisu. A couple of things you should know:

  • There’s always a long queue, especially if you go during peak hours.
  • They’re open till 5am, so it’s very good for after partying! You know how in Malaysia we eat maggi goreng after? Think of this as the Japanese version

When our friend Adam was here, like responsible hosts, we dragged him off to Afuri. Ramen here is on average less than 1000 yen (10USD). Like any ramen place, it’s not very big, so don’t come in a big group or you might end up having to split up.

You order from a vending machine, which thankfully has English written on it, and then hand your ticket to the waiter.

img_5254Yuzu ramen differs from regular ramen because it feels a lot lighter. It’s citrus taste always makes it much fresher, so you can kid yourself and pretend you’re not being a big fat food sinner by eating this.

Adam went for their specialty, the yuzu shio ramen. This is in a yuzu, salt based broth.

img_5260I was craving something spicier, so I decided to go for the yuzuratan ramen.

img_5258My boyfriend, ever the tsukemen fanboy, went for yuzu tsuyu ramen.

img_5264You might not know this, but ramen shops are usually frequented by men and it’s a bit of a no-no for girls to go and eat ramen alone. However, in Afuri, this bias seems to be dropped. There are always lots of females here!

We had arrived at at 11:50am, and there was only a short queue. However, when we left around 12:30pm, this was the queue that was forming outside the shop. Moral of the story: come at a weird hour.

img_5267If you’re feeling hungry, look for more food posts over here!

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