Why I Stopped Hating Valentine’s Day

I was making dinner plans with a good friend of mine for today, and then he stopped me and asked me, “Hey, don’t you have Valentine’s Day plans?”

And I replied, “Ah, no! We’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day before!”

All my life, I’ve thought Valentine’s Day was a cliched, over-commercialized, marketer-made day.

Valentine’s Day is always fun on Facebook because people seem to be divided into two camps. The first camp are the proponents of Valentine’s Day, armed with flowers, candies and dinners. The second camp are the Grinches, who loudly declare their hatred for the day.

Over the years, my opinion has changed. Yes, it’s an over-commercialized day, but so it any other festivity for that matter. And if people want to go all out on this day, really, why stop them or make any sort of mean remarks at all?

If there is a day that celebrates love, why be a hater and stop it? Don’t be a wet blanket to those who want to celebrate it!

I think people forget that Valentine’s Day is more than just love for your partner. Go and have a nice, celebratory lunch with your colleagues. Give flowers to your parents. Be nice to the people around you. And, if it’s a good reminder to treat your partner a bit better or make him or her feel special, then go on, go on and celebrate it! The world needs a bit more happiness, and a little bit of cuteness never harmed anyone!

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is a little different. The girls are the ones who gift the guys chocolate, and a month later, on White Day, then the guys gift the girls something back in return. Here’s an interesting article about it! 

Maybe it’s just me getting a little older, but I now think Valentine’s Day is quite cute, and I look at it fondly. Go on. No more Grinching. Go show your friends, family and partner some love today 🙂

In the spirit of true love, read A Real Life Story Of Moving For Your Partner. This is Sook Ping’s story of how she moved continents to be with her partner in New Zealand, and the difficulty of reality! 


Ann Jie

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