Tomato Ramen!

Japan is obviously famous for it’s ramen, and while I like the original ramen a lot, I’m always game to try new types of ramen! I’ve so far discovered tomato ramen and yuzu ramen, two delicious new twists on ramen! Today’s post is about my favourite ramen, tomato ramen!

Tomato ramen was an accidental find in Shinjuku. One evening, I had a giant ramen craving and decided to Google ramen shops nearby. The nearest one to me happened to be Next Tomato Ramen. This shop specializes only in tomato ramen with different toppings – tomato ramen with cheese, tomato ramen with basil, tomato ramen with eggplant or spicy tomato ramen. My Malaysian mouth doesn’t find the spicy tomato ramen spicy at all, but it definitely has more of a kick than the regular flavored tomato ramen. My boyfriend always goes for the tomato ramen and cheese one, which is one of the chef’s recommendations!

Cheesy goodness!
Cheesy goodness!
Spicy tomato ramen..I added charsiu - well, because, how can you not add charsiu?
Spicy tomato ramen..I added charsiu – well, because, how can you not add charsiu?

I’ve brought my tourist friends here who also like it! Be warned, it’s not a place where you can sit and chat for long. It’s one of those places where you should slurp up your noodles and head off. Every time I go, there’s a long line so I guess it’s very popular with the local Japanese too! The line isn’t too bad though, about a 10 to 20 minute wait. You can read some articles on my site if you need to kill time 😀

You might ask me what tomato ramen is. The simplest explanation I could probably offer to you is that it’s like a marriage of a soupy pasta sauce and ramen. I find this ramen just SO DAMN YUMMY. It’s really the only ramen where I can slurp everything up and leave my bowl completely clean! I also never get sick of tomato ramen. I can go every week! My boyfriend is a little tired of it, so I am always happy when I have visitor friends because I can bring them to this yummy tomato ramen place!

SLURRPPPP it all up!
SLURRPPPP it all up!

Please do check this out if you’re visiting Tokyo! It’s quite different from regular ramen and it’s always fun to try something unique. I always go to the branch in Shinjuku, which is called Next Tomato Ramen, but I found they have a lot of branches in Tokyo!

Here’s some info you might need!

For all the branches, click here!

Shinjuku address :



Shinjuku, 東京都 160-8321



Enjoy tomato-ing, tomodachi!

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