The Easiest, Best Multipurpose Cleaner

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m turning older and well on my way of becoming a real obasan (auntie), but I recently discovered the best homemade cleaner that’s so, so, so easy to make and so effective on all my mirrors and countertops.

Here’s the recipe: it’s one part vinegar and four parts water. If you want to add some scent, put in some essential oils inside. For me, I put in peppermint. Mix this up in a spray bottle and you’re totally done!

This recipe is from Bea Johnson’s Zero Waste Home book, which is an amazing trove of practical gems like the above. In case you are wondering, your house will not smell of vinegar. To be precise, it smells like vinegar when it’s wet, but after it dries up, it leaves no scent at all if you don’t add any essential oils, but if you do, then there’s a faint lingering smell of whatever essential oil you use.

I’m super happy with this mix because it means I’m not going to be buying any more house cleaners, which mean that I’m going to be reducing my plastic usage. Yay!

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