The BIG Tsukemen Challenge

There’s a ramen shop near my workplace called Juunisoutaishoken, and they serve some big-ass noodles. I only found out in my fourth trip there that the place was very famous for their incredibly huge servings. Basically, one normal serving can feed two people, and if you are mad enough to upsize, that gives you a portion that can feed three people! (Or maybe even a fourth).

My little padawan Alisa and I went for lunch together, where we each ordered a tsukemen ramen with an extra onsen tamago (hot spring egg). God. These onsen tamago make everything taste better.

Here’s the tsukemen ramen in full glory!

This is Alisa, who is a total kick-ass intern. In her first attempt, she didn’t finish this big-ass bowl and was very ashamed of herself. Like any resilient person, she decided to try again.

Alisa praying to the tsukemen gods to allow her stomach to contain this massive portion of noodles.
Alisa praying to the tsukemen gods to allow her stomach to contain this massive portion of noodles.

And me, getting ready for ramen.

food coma ramen
Getting ready for my food coma!

Tada! We both managed to finish this!

Success is mine!!
Success is mine!!
Alisa's finished her noodles!
Alisa celebrating her awesomeness.

Walking back to the office was very difficult though, we were both like two wet bags of cement being dragged back. Also, there was some slight nausea and over-fullness, but other than that it was a very great experience, ahahaha!!!

If you’re ever around and would like to grab a bowl of ramen, call me! I’m coming with you!

Get your food fix now in the Food section! And, we’re always on the lookout for the next best ramen place! Comment down below or on our Facebook page where YOUR favourite ramen place is!


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