Thai Karaoeke In Tokyo – Dodgy, But So Fun!

I looked around. Four televisions blaring Thai karaoeke in a little enclosed area, each strategically placed so that everyone could see the lyrics no matter what angle they were at. The room was very dark, with the only thing lighting it up were the blue and red wire lights strung across the room. Plates and plates of delicious food were in front of me, while my ears were assaulted by a constant barrage of noise. But let’s be fair. I myself caused a lot of assault on other people’s ears that night.

Across me, my colleague James was looking as confused as I felt.

“I can’t believe this is Tokyo! It feels exactly like Bangkok!” he yelled over the music to me.

Welcome to Malako!

This was a really fun night. We were eight people in total – nationalities spanning French, Malaysian, Dutch, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. What better way to unite a diverse group than with excellent food and loud music?

This place is quite unique, because it’s like a restaurant and karaoeke combined in one. While you order food- real, proper food, people are singing away. There were about four groups of people that night, so we’d take turns to sing. You’d put in your song in the queue, and then chomp away on food while you waited for your turn.

Food here is really amazing. I have to warn you, this restaurant is in an extremely seedy part of Tokyo, Kabukicho. But the food here is really incredible, and it’s run by one of the friendliest chefs I’ve ever met. He also takes the mike and starts singing and dancing, usually at the end of the night. So it’s all good fun!

I will now let the food pictures do the talking.

thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Somtam! You can adjust the spice level. Half of us (aka the Spicy Group) went for Level 1 and the other half (aka the Mild Group) went for Level 0.
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Pork knuckle to nibble on!
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Omelette! Picture here gets darker because the karaoeke was starting and things were getting very dim!
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Stir fry with rice to fill up the tummies. We sang a lot so we had to replenish our energy.
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Fish steamed to perfection. It became bones very quickly!
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
It ain’t Thai if you don’t order Pad Thai!
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Thai sausage. This was ridiculously, insanely flavourful. We ordered a second plate of this.
thai karaoeke in tokyo malako
Prawn stars!
Basil stir-fry chicken. Spicy Group really liked this, while Mild Group complained we lied to them when we said it wasn't spicy.
Basil stir-fry chicken. Spicy Group really liked this, while Mild Group complained we lied to them when we said it wasn’t spicy.

All in all, it was a really fun night and I’m totally coming back here, and dragging my friends for more Thai karaoeke.

Address of Malako here!

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