Tempting Burgers At Franklin Avenue Tokyo

My friend Mei showed me a really random burger place near work, called Franklin Avenue. Tucked away in a really middle-of-nowhere spot, this restaurant dishes up mouthwatering burgers.

I brought my boyfriend and his brother there one lunchtime, and everyone rolled away feeling full, happy, and about to burst.

Robbert had the avocado burger.
Boyfriend had the blue cheese and Gouda burger. (Can you not be any more Dutch??)
I went for fried chicken! I know it’s a burger place, but I read a review saying the chicken was great so I wanted to try it!

There’s both outside and inside seating here, so if weather is nice it’s really pretty to sit outside.

What the inside looks like.
The outside is surrounded by greenery.

Address over here! 

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Ann Jie

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