Rasa Malaysia In Ginza

A couple of weeks ago, I was having a huge craving for Malaysian food, so I invited my two girlfriends from work to join me for a Malaysian restaurant hunt. We initially wanted to go to my go-to Malaysian restaurant in Shibuya, Malay Asian Cuisine, but that was packed on that day, so we tried Rasa Malaysia in Ginza.

Rasa Malaysia is run by Malaysians, so it’s very comforting to go in there and hear the familliar accents.

Prawn crackers! Brings me back to my childhood in Malaysia. Oddly, it also brought my two girlfriends (who had lived in UK for quite a bit) back to the times they lived there, because they always got this served in Chinese restaurants!
Bak kut teh. Surprisingly authentic! My girlfriends (both Japanese) were impressed. It’s like the perfect comfort food. There was chilli served on the side, which I took a big dollop. BIG mistake. The chillies were SO spicy but SO good. I nearly died- both out of heat and happiness.
Satay! So good! Peanut sauce was perfect. A must order, if you come here.
Sambal kangkung. We asked for it to be slightly less spicy. It was a real taste of home.

There were two pictures I forgot to take. One, we ordered Penang char kuey teow, which, while not as tasty as the original Penang counterpart, was very delicious nevertheless. The second, was the Asam boi drink, which is essentially a lime plum type of drink. While the food was really, really authentic and tasted great, this drink was the most horrible drink ever. They deserve to be punished for serving such a terrible drink! It was overly sweet, didn’t taste anything like what it’s supposed to taste, and was just plain disgusting! Ew!

So, my recommendation is definitely to go to Rasa Malaysia and eat all sorts of delicious food there, but really, do yourself a favour and skip the Asam boi drink.

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