My Go-To Izakaya In Shinjuku, Shiryuu!

Shiryuu is probably the easiest izakaya in the world to find. All you need to do is get off at Nishishinjuku Gochome Station, exit A2, and it’s directly opposite the entrance of the station.

This is one of my favourite izakayas, and I always bring friends here because I find the food delicious, the ambience very pleasant and it’s usually never crowded.

When my American friend Adam came to visit, we brought him here and here’s what we had! (There were four of us in total.)

They always give an appetizer when you come here, which changes depending on the season.

img_4870This time, we had sashimi to start off!

img_4871We ordered edamame – because, how can you not?

img_4872My friend Aurore is a complete sea urchin lover, so we ordered uni! 

img_4877I really like their yakitori here. It’s always juicy and succulent! Momo oishi! (Delicious chicken leg!)

img_4878This is another favourite of mine – sasami wasabi, which is chicken breast with wasabi on it. Clears my nose every time, a little bit too well sometimes!

img_4879Gobo! This is fried burdock. A burdock is a root vegetable that a lot of people haven’t tried before. Order this, it’s delicious!

img_4881Cream cheese on crackers. OK, this was not very Japanese, but it was still very oishi. So we are good.img_4883This place is famous for their salmon bowl. Grilled salmon, ikura and rice. Mix it up for maximum deliciousness! img_4884Boiled gyoza. It comes with ponzu sauce, so it tastes very fresh and citrusy.img_4886Chicken meatloaf! Grrrr! I’m hungry again just writing about this!img_4887Scrumptious beef! My boyfriend, who can never say no to beef, loves this!

OH! And the best part for my foreign friends, there is an English menu! Heehee! Just ask for it, or if you’re Western looking, they’ll automatically give it to you anyway.

Click here for their Tabelog link.

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