MOS Classic

When I was in Singapore and Malaysia, there was always a huge craze for MOS Burger. Now that I’m in Japan, I’ve discovered the otona (adult) version of MOS Burger, which is MOS classic!

I like MOS classic a lot better than MOS because it’s a lot more comfortable. Think of a cosy, comfortable cafe you’d spend your weekend in. Its very bright and airy, which I love!

They have yummy burgers here! Some of my friends don’t find them anything to swoon about, but it’s great if you’re looking for something casual and yet comfortable.

I had the MOS Chilli Burger with cheese topping here!


My boyfriend had the MOS Cheeseburger.


I also really like the neighbourhood that it’s in, loads of cute, quaint shops, so you can walk around and poke your nose about. It’s definitely not as touristy as the other neighbourhoods like Shibuya and Harajuku, but it’s pretty trendy and seems to have its popularity rising.

Based on what I saw, this neighbourhood is really gay friendly too. I saw lots of same sex couples walking around, going about their daily lives, so that part is very cool too. I’m not exactly sure if this area is specifically known for that, but it’s always heartwarming to go to a place that embraces diversity!

Check out more details here, at MOS Classic’s website here, or if you want the address in English, check it out here on Tabelog!



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