Marine and Farm – Seafood By The Seaside!

A few weeks ago, Alex and I went for a day trip to Yokosuka with our good friends Noriko san, Wang san and the little cutie pie Linka chan! (She’s their adorable baby!)

Dinnertime was at a place called Marine and Farm, which is a place I would highly recommend if you’re ever. They’re famous for the freshest seafood and an AWESOME view. They’re known for serving seasonal ingredients that are harvested locally, so it’s also awesome for local businesses.

I forgot to take photos of the view, but here’s are two little videos. Click here & here!

OK, so the title of this post is seafood but the first picture is about ham. My ham-lovin boyfriend was in ecstasy over this, though.
Pizza with boiled whitebait, shrimp and scallop. OISHI!
This is a dish called ‘Today’s Aquapazza’, which essentially translates to Today’s Crazy Water. It was crazy good!
Some squid fritters to nibble on.
Blue crab spaghettini in tomato cream sauce. Sauce was silky smooth and the crab was so fresh!
Pescatore with local seafood. Ever since I’m coming to Japan, I’ve fallen in love with seafood. (And yakiniku, but thats a separate story).
“Sekiguchi” farm milk panna cotta. Tart berries were a welcome contrast to the creamy texture.
Chocolate cake with a mini soft cream. The soft cream is AWESOME and you MUST try it when you are here!
In fact, a mini soft cream won’t be enough. Go for the big one!

I am definitely going back to Marine and Farm one day – what more could you really ask for when you have good food, a great view and amazing company? 🙂

Link to Marine and Farm here.

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