Manrai Ramen – So Much Chashu You Will End Up Comatose

Raamemmanrai boasts a 3.59 rating on Tabelog, the food review site of Japan that everyone goes to check out when they want to fill their bellies. A 3.59 rating is really good, so my boyfriend and I decided to check it out!

First, the ambience of this ramen shop is very different from other ramen shops I’ve been in. Usually, they are loud and boisterous, but this ramen shop had a very much more serene and peaceful feeling. There was quiet, elevator-type music playing in the background. The ramen chefs were moving slowly and purposefully, without any shouting at all.

Manrai Ramen in Shinjuku
A glimpse of the restaurant while we waited. There are seats in the restaurant to wait, so yay! We didn’t have to stand in the cold.

Their specialty is the zaru soba, (cold soba), so that’s what we ordered.

Manrai Ramen in Shinjuku
My boyfriend jabbing on our zaru soba order.
Chashu at Manrai Ramen
My eyes bugged out at the amount of chasu. Was this seriously for one person?!
Zaru soba at Manrai Ramen Shinjuku
Second heart attack when the soba came. What was this, Mount Soba?
Chashu at Manrai Ramen zaru soba
I think this could feed three hungry people in one go.
chashu at manrai ramen zaru soba
Look at all that fat glistening off the chashu.

And we dug in! And…halfway through the plate of noodles, my boyfriend looked severely green and kept crying out, “I can’t do this anymore! I can’t do this anymore!”

I looked around me, and I saw all these skinny Japanese people slurping and FINISHING all their noodles and chashu. How were they doing it? I mean, really. What special bodily talent did they have that they could absorb this ginormous amount food and still be so skinny??

The chashu was very thick and flavourful. It was one of the oiliest tsukemen broths I’ve ever had in Tokyo, so this is not the place to go to if you’re trying to look after your cholesterol. I really enjoyed my noodles and chashu, though not in such massive quantities. The zaru soba was light and springy, which was definitely how I did NOT feel after the meal.

After a meal, we waddled off in search of coffee in order to recover and to digest. My verdict? I would come back here, but only when I’m very hungry. Or, you know. If I haven’t eaten in two days or something like this.

Here’s what the restaurant looks like from outside:

manrai ramen zaru soba shinjuku chashu

Here’s a great guide on getting there from Shinjuku station.

And, details on Tabelog!

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