Lucerne – A Very Pretty City That Will Kill Your Wallet

Hello, Lucerne!

Lucerne, in Switzerland, is one of the prettiest towns I have ever been to. We had taken a train from Frankfurt to Lucerne, and 3 hours later, we were surrounded in a place that was just a pure treat for the eyes.

The first thing I have to warn you about Switzerland is that it’s really expensive! Now, I’d been living in Tokyo, which is known as a pretty expensive city, but Switzerland really takes the cake in bankrupting me!

Our first night, we went for dinner at Luzerne Stern. We had checked ratings out on TripAdvisor and everything looked great. We walked to the restaurant, a mere 10-minute walk away from where we were staying (more on this later) and because we were early, we decided to amble through the Christmas markets happily. It was the night before the terror attack of a man plowing his truck into a Christmas market in Berlin. It’s sad, but after that, we of course did have a lot of fear and worry when heading to crowded places.

I would definitely recommend going to Stern if you’re ever in Lucerne. The food was delicious and service was very friendly. While my boyfriend spoke German, I of course, didn’t, and the waiters were very nice to switch to English to me. I really appreciated that!

I had the fresh catch of the day, while Alex went for the cheesiest cordon bleu ever. When he cut through the chicken, cheese really melted everywhere. Needless to say, it was an extremely delicious affair! It was also pretty expensive, at 120 Euros that night.

Because we were feeling pretty jet-lagged, we headed back to our hotel. We stayed in Cheateau Gutsch, a little chateau on a mountain. It’s very cute, and serves a very delicious morning breakfast. One of my favourite things of this chateau is the view. You wake up in the morning, look outside and you see the town and the mountains. It’s really bliss!

That morning, I had a list of places to do and see. We started off by shopping in the Old Town, which is very cute, quaint little cobbled streets of shops everywhere. And then of course, we headed to the Kapellbrücke aka the Chapel Bridge, which was built in 1333. In 1993, a fire nearly destroyed the whole bridge, and what we see today is a restoration of it. When you’re on the bridge, you can see some parts which were blackened from the fire.

For lunch, Alex wanted to go to a certain restaurant, so we made our way there. It was quite a trek from the Old Town. Ok, it was perhaps a 20-minute walk, which is not bad, but it was just extremely cold. The way there wasn’t very nice because it wasn’t a very nice part of town, where there were quite a few hobos around, but it was extremely quiet. However, when we got to the restaurant, it was bustling with warmth and activity. Unfortunately for us, there was a bit too much activity, because the restaurant was full! Ugh. It looked so good that it’s definitely going to be one of those places I try to go back to the next time I’m in Lucerne.

So instead, we went to another restaurant. I had a super delicious vegetable risotto while Alex devoured a pizza. Lunch was about sixty Euros. Ouch! This wasn’t even a fancy place or anything like that.

Holy crap, Switzerland is expensive!

We were only there for two nights, and it really didn’t help that we kept falling asleep at wrong hours of the day, which cut into a lot of sightseeing. One of the places I had intended to see, but we didn’t because it was a little bit far, was the Dying Lion. Story is that the French King (name king here) instructed the Swiss merceneries to guard his palace in the Louvre, but while they were fighting to protect him, he had already fled and wasn’t even in the palace. Over 700 Swiss Guards were slaughtered on that day. The Dying Lion was then made to commemorate that.

TLDR? Lucerne is a very cute city that you should check out, but its cuteness doesn’t extend to your wallet.

Link to Luzerne Stern here.

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