Kanda Yabu Soba – Hot & Cold Soba Goodness

If you want to eat soba at a place where locals flock to, get ready to wait a couple of hours in line. Introducing Yabu Soba in Kanda! Yabu Soba, the oldest soba restaurant in Tokyo, burned down a few years ago, but they rebuilt it – lucky for the tummies of those who are looking for soba!

If you go during New Year, the line is going to be insane – expect at least a three to four hour wait. I went on a weekend at 2pm, and found myself in a line for forty minutes.

The line of people behind me.

Luckily for tourists, this soba restaurant has an English menu. They serve an array of soba, from hot to cold, side dishes like yakinori (toasted seaweed), kamo rohsu (thinly sliced duck cooked in wine) and also tamagoyaki (rolled omelette).

We started with little appetizers.
Robbert had the Nameko Soba, which is soba in a cold soup topped with Nameko mushrooms and radish. 1050 yen.
My boyfriend went for the Seiro Soba, which is soba dipped in cold soup. 670 yen.
I went for Tempura Soba! Nice, crispy tempura soba on top of a bed of hot soupy noodles. 1720 yen.
The boys were still hungry so we ordered one more tempura!

I definitely recommend this, as long as you’re fine with waiting in line. Delicious, slurpy hot noodles are always so comforting!

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