Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 9

Konnichiwa, minnasan!

A lot of times, when making simple conversation with my Japanese teachers, I’m often asked on my route from home to work. My route in itself is not particularly fascinating, but there are three words used which took me quite a long time to get used to.

Norimasu – to get on the train

Orimasu – to get off the train

Norikaemasu – to change trains

Japanese as a language is so different from English that it really takes me a very long while to comprehend anything that isn’t able to be directly translated, but I think (and hope) I’m slowly getting more and more used to it.

Another two words that I commonly hear at work (and these have no relation to trains whatsoever) are iremasu and dashimasu.

Iremasu – to put in/insert

Dashimasu – to take out, or to send

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So for example, if I wanted someone to CC me in an email, the term ‘iremasu‘ would be used. Think of ‘inserting’ me in the email!


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