Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 7

Ohayo gozaimasu!

That means good morning, or, as I’ve recently discovered, can also be used when two people meet each other the first time in the day. So you might just see two people meeting at 2pm and going  “Ohayo gozaimasu!”

Learning Japanese has become more and more fun for me. Initially, I found it extremely frustrating because there were just so…much. Now that I understand more words, things are starting to piece themselves together a little better.

So, today’s words!

Tsukurimasu – to make, produce.

Ryori – food

For example: ryori o tsukurimasu. (To make food)

Keizai – economy

Dokushin – single/unmarried

Omoidashimasu – remember

It seems like a very random hodgepodge of words, but these are the words in the first few chapters of my Japanese textbook, so I thought I would share them here. They are used very often, though, so it’s useful for you to know them!

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