Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 5


I missed out last week’s edition, and I have to apologize for that! I’ve recently had tons of guests over, and I got a little bit distracted!

Today’s words are a bunch of words I’ve been hearing around me at work a lot.

Fukumete – including

Jissai – status quo, current situation

Koyu – this type, like that (used more as a filler)

Nikanshite – about

Fukuro – bag

Furoba – bathroom

I used to confuse the word ‘jissai‘ a lot with the word ‘jibun‘, which means ‘one’s self’, so I was pleasantly surprised.

And, the reason why I’m putting in fukuro and furoba today is because I’ve been getting confused with these two words as well. Whenever I go shopping, I always bring my own reusable bag, and I always communicate “No plastic bag, please,” in Japanese to the cashiers. Imagine my horror when I discovered I have been actually saying “No bathroom, please,” to all the cashiers. No wonder they never understood what I was saying. I always thought, man, they all looked so confused, they must be so extremely not environmentally friendly, but it turns out I was the one being the dummy here.

Oh well! At the very least, I hope you learn from my mistake!

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