Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 4

Hello everybody!

I’ve recently started Japanese classes again, and I’m hoping I FINALLY take it seriously this time versus the first year where I was just mucking around, not taking notes and waiting for class to be over.

So, today’s words are from my lesson yesterday, and I’m writing it down as quickly as I can in order not to forget!


Isoide – hurry

Erabimasu – choose

Atsumemasu – collect/gather

Tokui – specialty

Toku ni – especially

Odorima – dance

Naosu – repair/cure

Kashikoi – smart

Toku ni is a phrase I often hear at work, and I always got it confused with tokoro (place) and toki (time), so I was quite surprised to find out its actual meaning had nothing to do with either tokoro or toki!

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