Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 2


Last week, I wrote about repetitive Japanese words, but I only just discovered there’s an actual name for it. It’s called onamatopoeia! Here’s a pretty good article on it. An example of the word would also be something like mecha mecha – which means messy! However, if you just use the word mecha, it could mean very or extremely. For example, if you wanted to say you were really happy, you could shout out mecha ureshii! 

Here are words I heard commonly over the past week!

Shikashi – however

Kibishii – tough

Joukyoa – situation

Kanji – feeling

Kantan – easy

So for example, you could say something like, “Shikashi, joukyoa wa kibishii desu.

For the word kanji, I always thought they meant Chinese characters, but I kept hearing it all around me, and I wondered what the fascination of kanji was. Later, I realized people weren’t talking nonstop about Chinese characters, but that kanji actually meant a feeling. If people said “Ii kanji!” it meant they were expressing how good the feeling was.

I included the word kantan in, because if you’re a Chinese speaker, it’s an easy to remember word since it’s the same word!

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