Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 11

Ohayou, everyone!

Now, I used to keep a file on my work computer that had all the Japanese terms I was learning, but my computer died and the file is now lost forever 🙁 It’s rather annoying, because I mainly had all the terms I picked up at work there, and unfortunately, hadn’t gotten round to memorising. Urgh!

So, today’s lesson is actually going to be a bunch of words that I picked up while the team was having a meeting with a creative agency. Don’t worry, they’re general enough for you to use in other contexts.

Niyote – depending on

Hako – box

Hijou – extraordinary/ unusual

Aketemitai – try to open

Wakariyasui – easy to understand

Yomizurai – difficult to read

Now, I’ve learnt that Japanese is actually a very sensible and structured language (even though I have mastered about…5% of the language). Whenever you want to try to do something, you tack on a ‘mitai’. So if you want to try to eat something, it would be tabetemitai. To try to drink something, it would be nondemitai.

Same thing if something is easy! Wakariyasui means easy to understand, yomiyasui would mean easy to read.

The ‘zurai’ bit is the opposite, meaning it’s difficult. Wakarizurai would be difficult to understand, while yomizurai would be difficult to read.

Now, I’m off to learn more of these rules!

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