Japanese Words I’m Learning – Part 1

Since I’ve started my new job, I’ve been picking up a lot more Japanese. Now, there are a couple of really common Japanese words that practically everyone knows – think of sumimasen and arigatou, but I’ve decided to share with you a few words I hear on a daily basis. 

Today’s theme is repetition!

Wareware – we

Somosomo – originally

Nakanaka – quite

Gasagasa– rough

Dondon – step by step

Motomoto – originally

My plan is as I pick up more Japanese, to share the words I’m learning with you. I’m not sharing words in any structured form or fashion because that’s what the JLPT test is for, but the words I share will be those that I hear around me on a daily basis, and hopefully, you find these interesting! I should be updating this with five to six words once a week. I think anything more is way too overwhleming.

And, as Japanese is pretty complicated and one word can have more than one meaning, if you are a Japanese speaker and know of a different meaning of what I’ve listed above please feel free to swoop in and share that information!

Ann Jie

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