Japanese Hotpot At Onyasai

There’s nothing more comforting on a cold, wintery day than hotpot! Today’s post is about Onyasai, a hotpot chain that my teammate Alisa fawns over. This place is pretty popular so a reservation is recommended! However, they only reserve from 4 people onwards.

We had the tabehodai (eat all you can) course that day. There are a couple of courses, and the one we selected cost 3,500 yen per person. The only caveat is that everyone needs to pick the same type of course, so the same kind of meat quality for all!

They have 7 types of soups you can choose from- organic soy milk soup, a spicy Szechuan soup, sukiyaki soup, sea kelp soup, Teriyama-style soup, 12 herb soup and tomato soup.

We did the half and half – tomato soup on the left and a Tebiyama-style true dried bonito special soup! What’s Tebiyama? I don’t know…
Minced chicken that you scrape off and PLOP into the soup!
Sashimi and eggy. I’m not into this but my dinner mates were!
Eat yo’ veggies.
And more veggies.
Cucumber made fun.
Hello, meat!
Dipping sauce. Sesame sauce on the left and ponzu on the right. Ponzu makes everything so much better!
When I was a kid, my mom told me if I eat a lot of tofu, I’m going to have skin as smooth as a tofu. I’m guessing I must have eaten a lot of pore-ful tofu to explain the state of my skin now.
Getting serious with the hotpot.
This picture doesn’t really need a caption, does it? 🙂
Quail eggs!
Finishing dinner with ice cream!
Raw caramel affogato.

They DO have English menus on request, which always makes my life about 60 times less complicated. For their website, click here.

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