Italian Omakase In Shibuya!

(in a Japanese restaurant) a type of meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef

Hello all! I’ve written about omakase before here, but did you know there’s also such a thing as having Italian omakase? This completely blew my mind!

I went to a little restaurant nearby my house, Poporare, and when my boyfriend and I realized they offered omakase, we decided to go for it. It was 3500 yen per pax (about 45 SGD), which is really, really good value for money since both of us were bursting out of our stomachs by the end of the night!

Food was both delicious and bountiful! It was a real feast!

So, we started with a little appetizer, the ahijo.

IMG_1986Baby octopus in garlic and olive oil. SO, so, so yummy. Every time I go back to Poporare, I never fail to order this dish again. Nowadays, they don’t have it with baby octopus anymore, and instead have it with shrimp.

IMG_1985Then a ham plate arrived. I’m not a very hammy person, but my boyfriend is and he gobbled the plate down.

IMG_1987Next, bacon on a pork chop! Being Malaysian Chinese, pork always excites me. It was my time to devour the meal!

IMG_1988Now, a half and half pizza arrived. This was perfect for us. I always like pizza with cheese and honey (if you haven’t tried it, you must!) Boyfriend is a food snob and used to live in Milan so he finds cheese and honey pizza a total abomination, but I LOVEEEE it! I ate the honey and cheese half while he ate the olive and tomato based half up.

IMG_3714At this point, we were both starting to burst out of our buttons. A crab pasta was now placed in front of us. We groaned. It looked delicious, and WAS delicious, but our stomachs were crying for mercy. We gamely twirled our pasta with our forks and stuffed them in our mouths! Nom nom nom!

IMG_1990Dessert arrived! A warm chocolate brownie on the left, and a delightful tiramisu on the right. We dug in, although very slowly. Even when faced with very delectable food, one inevitably slows down when one feels as heavy as a wet sack of cement.

I would totally recommend this place for dinner. If you’re not in the mood for a ginormous feast, skip the omakase. But if you are, go crazy with it! I also don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere else in Tokyo where you can go so much good food for 3,500 Yen a person.

They don’t have English menus, but staff are friendly and you can just use your Google Translate app to order. (If you haven’t tried out the photo function, you should! It’s a complete lifesaver!)

For details on Poporare, go here!

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