Hanbey, A Cheap 50s Themed Bar In Tokyo

God, I love Hanbey. I bring all my friends who visit here, and everyone finds it a very cute, casual type of place to hang out at. I was introduced to Hanbey by my Japanese friend Anna, who brings her visitor friends there for pretty much the same reason!

Be warned, if you’re into fancy places, this place is not for you. But if you’re into saving a buck, then this place is DEFINITELY for you. Alcoholic drinks cost about 200 yen – about 2 USD. Yakitori skewers cost 50 yen a piece! So go crazy!

What’s nice also is that they have English menus here, but you’re going to have to ask for them.Every time I ask them for it, they always look bemused but always end up handing me one. The English on the menu is a little strange, but nothing undecipherable. However, one of the things I’ve never been able to figure out was ‘deep fried heel of bread’.

Here’s what the deco of Hanbey looks like. They have plenty of little rooms within the bar, so sometimes you get to sit in what looks like a tiny bar within a bar, which is pretty fun.

Bar within a bar!
Bar within a bar!
Memorabilia that takes you down memory lane.
Memorabilia that takes you down memory lane.
A giant old..stamp?
A giant old..stamp?
Old posters decorate the walls.
Old posters decorate the walls.
Another wave of childhood memories.
Another wave of childhood memories.
With Dennis, Andrea and Sook Ping (the crazy looking one on the right).
With Dennis, Andrea and Sook Ping (the crazy looking one on the right). That’s Sook Ping’s regular expression, by the way.

Here we go with food!

Lettuce to start. You’re going to get it whether you order it or not. (You’re already paying for it for the table charge).
Lettuce goes well with the dipping sauce they provide. But do not double dip!!
Yakisoba – what I think of as the Japanese version of Mee Goreng Mamak. I always order this!
Spicy octopus.
Meatball skewers!
Fried chicken is always a win!
Yakitori skewers.
Quail eggs and this extremely sinful thing called ‘bacon cheese’. Order it. It’s a giant glob of cheese wrapped in bacon.
Some corn ham thing which was surprisingly good.
Ochazuke – another comforting favourite. Rice in green tea with a salty seasoning and a nice plum to top it off.
Happy guests Dennis and Andrea post meal!

So if you want to eat cheap and be happy, go to Hanbey. They have branches everywhere, and so far I’ve been to the ones in Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ebisu. Here’s their website for more information. It’s in Japanese, but just translate it on your Google Chrome!

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