Grand Central Oyster Bar, Shinagawa

A colleague of mine had told me about Grand Central Oyster Bar in Shinagawa, so I wanted to check it out as I worked very close to Shinagawa.

Grand Central Oyster Bar originates from New York, and is in the middle of the bustling station. Here, it’s kind of the same concept because it’s at a shopping mall attached to Shinagawa Station.

The best part about Grand Central Oyster Bar is the amount of variety it has. Raw oysters, fried oysters, raw oysters, you name it. Oysters in butter, oysters in garlic, oysters in ponzu, oysters in whatever you can think of. There are also other dishes on the menu to fill you up, from salads, soups, pastas, risottos to other kinds of shellfish. There are also meats like pork, chicken and beef for those who aren’t in the mood for oysters (then why are you there??) Oh, and not forgetting, there’s lobsters from Nova Scotia there. And finally, tons of desserts like New York cheesecake, chocolate mousse, hot fudge sundaes and a lot more!

Anyway, I went with my friends Yuki and Warren, and our main concentration for the night was oysters! There are not too many pictures because we ordered the same oyster plate a couple of times, hee hee. We were just busy slurping it all down!

We started off with the oyster plate!
Steamed oysters in ponzu sauce.

Link to Grand Central Oyster Bar here!

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