Favourite Gyoza In Yoyogi Hachiman

Before coming to Japan, I was never a huge fan of gyoza. It just seemed like another little dumpling to me, one that never had the ability to incite much excitement in me. One day, my girlfriend Mayu suggested we head over to her neighborhood for dinner, and we landed in what would be my favorite gyoza joint in Tokyo!

It’s a small, cute shop tucked in a street with a lot of equally charming eateries. It’s more local than anything, so be prepared as there’s no English menu. (Don’t worry, just use Google Translate and you will be fine!) There’s also usually a queue, but a fast moving one, so we’re all good on the logistics.

When my mom came to Tokyo, I really wanted her to meet Mayu, so we decided to head back here as it’s one of our favourite places!

As it’s a gyoza place, the obvious thing to do is order gyoza. There are two kinds, steamed and fried, and we gobbled up both. My favorite is the fried, but that could just be the unhealthy South East Asian in me who likes anything fried.

A dish I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to order is agenatsu (fried eggplant). I have an okay relationship with eggplant – we’re acquaintances, but it’s not like I’d proactively go hang out with it – but THIS agenatsu is so, so, so good! We are besties now. Or at least, agenatsu is besties with my stomach.

There are plenty of other side dishes here too. A dish I tried for the very first time was toasted garlic with salt. Delicious, but potent. Don’t eat this during a date.

Carrots, just because I have bad eyesight. Kidding! I have perfect eyesight now thanks to implanting lenses in my eyes. No, but really. These thinly sliced carrots make for a refreshing snack.

Cucumbers are such a great thing to eat during summer. Served with a dip, they were the perfect blend of fresh and savory.

No meal would be complete without desserts. Mango ice, to cool down angry people, and tofu for healthy people.

I totally recommend you check this place out in Yoyogi Hachiman. And if we bump into each other, say hi!

Google Map link here!

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