Day Trip To Atami

Atami is a seaside city located in the Shizuoka Prefecture, well known for it’s hot springs. We decided to head there for a day trip to check out what it might have to offer. I am going to put all the links of places to go right at the bottom of the post, so scroll right down for all the information you need!

Logistics wise, we took the Tokaido Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Atami Station. This cost us 4190 yen. We left at 11:26am and arrived at 12:15pm, so it was really quick!

Near the station, there is a little shopping street you can just walk through.


I saw people lining up to wash their hands here, and then they would rub the baby statue’s head next to it. Completely oblivious to what I was doing, I copied them. Ouch! Hot watert!!
Walking around, you find lots of cute shops. ET, is that you?
A little touristy but nice for souvenirs!

Next, we went to the Atami Sun Beach!

This is a pretty small beach, so I think it’s nice to hang out here for a little while before moving on to your next activity!
Lots of boats parked by the pier.
Rather unimpressive sand.
It was nice and sunny (it’s the Sun Beach), after all, so it was nice to chill out on a log and watch people!

After the Sun Beach, we decided to check out Kiunkaku. Kiunkaku used to be the private villa of a shipping magnate, and then it became a ryokan until Atami city decided to preserve it as cultural property. If you’re in Atami, you MUST come here! We really enjoyed it! Admission fee is 510 yen.

This is what the entrance looks like!
This is what the entrance looks like!
Me thoughtfully contemplating what’s for lunch.


A little gallery within Kiunkaku.

Along with some blush-worthy sketches.
Just chilling out in my house, yo.
Taking a bath with clothes, sunglasses and no water.
I’m pretty sure this is not how people are supposed to take baths. #thuglife
Refreshed from our ‘baths’, we continued the day by having green tea and an autumn sweet.
There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting looking at a garden sipping on green tea.
After our tea, we went out for a stroll in the garden.



Next, we went to the Atami Ropeway to get a cable car and to visit the Adult Museum. You can get a ticket for both the ropeway and the museum for 1800 yen. I would say the Atami Ropeway is very overrated. I think the cheaper option would be to take the Atami Round Bus, so do that if you’re there! I also didn’t really enjoy the Adult Museum. It may have been a little too adult for me! But it’s also quite funny, because you have hoards of people there laughing and giggling at all the statues and puppets that they’re seeing.

Here’s the view from the top of Atami.
And..another one!


We’re not allowed to take photos inside the museum, so here’s one from outside. There’s a topless mermaid on top, of course.

The museum makes for a few awkward moments – in one room, you were supposed to sit in front of a dressing table with a mirror. A hologram of a girl will appear next to you, where she starts peeling off her clothes and doing rather unmentionable things. The part that is funny is that there is one person sitting on the chair, but a whole bunch of people are crowding around watching what’s happening, so it must make it pretty awkward for the person sitting in the chair! People are just laughing awkwardly as they watch the hologram, like heh..heh…hehh……

I found it a bit tawdry so I don’t think I’d go again, but I think this would probably be a funny place to go with a group of friends if you like to laugh at private parts together. (Hmm!)


9a00d4b3-fc2e-4fa3-b19c-6b72faeab7c2The Atami Castle was on my list of places to go, and it was right next to the Adult Museum so we decided to pop by. However, after we took a look at the brochure we decided not to go in because it looked a tad bit too touristy. We just sat outside, enjoying the view and eating roasted rice cakes. Yummy!

After the roasted rice cake, I was still pretty hungry so we decided to go for washoku (Japanese food). It was around 5pm, which is a slightly odd hour to eat any meal, but there was a place I had found on Tabelog that I wanted to check out. It was called Kobayashi, and located very nearby the station.

Here's what the restaurant looks like from outside!
Here’s what the restaurant looks like from outside!
Starters – vegetables and pickles!
I usually really don’t like vegetables but when they’re served in such a cute way, how can you not eat them?
This has to be the freshest sashimi ever. It was so fresh that the fish (see it’s head at the back) was still wiggling. I found this very creepy, actually. And I felt bad. Like, evil bad, for eating it while I watched it twitch on a plate.
Here’s a nice grilled fish in sauce, served with white rice. Thankfully this one was wiggle-free.


I think it’s good we went at a weird hour, because even then it was full and after we sat down, many people started queueing up. The food here was really delicious, and the service was also very, very good! However, there are no English menus and the staff can’t really speak English. We actually ordered by looking at pictures of what other people had ordered on Tabelog. So if you do go here (and I recommend you do), either bring a Japanese speaker or just order off pictures of this post, ha ha!

Dinner cost us 4380 yen, which we found really reasonable given the amazing quality!

All in all, I think Atami is a great getaway if you’re looking to make a short trip from Tokyo. It’s a place I definitely want to bring my mom and also my boyfriend’s parents when they come down to Tokyo next! The pace is pretty chill, and it feels like a relaxing trip.

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As promised, here are links of the places mentioned if you’d like to check them out! 

Atami Sun Beach


Atami Adult Museum and an article about it

Washoku Kobayashi

Places we didn’t go but you may want to still check out:

Kinomiya Shrine (heard this is very good, I would like to go back to see it!)

Atami Castle

And if you need basic info on Atami, you can click here or here.

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