Day Out In Ueno

Our friend Adam had come to visit us, so we decided to be tourists with him and check Ueno out.

We started our day with a very important meal – brunch, where we headed to Menya Musashi for a bowl of tsukemen ramen. Now, I’ve heard about Menya Musashi before, but I never gave it much thought, so it was actually the first time for me eating this after living in Tokyo for a year. And, oh my goodness me, I completely had to kick myself for waiting for an entire year before eating this. It was mindblowingly delicious!

We hopped off the station at Iwamotocho (A4 exit) and Menya Musashi was a short walk away. It’s one of those restaurants where you order from a vending machine, and then give your ticket to the waiter. It’s also a place where you don’t loiter and have a long chat, once you’re done with your bowl of ramen, out you go!

What it looks like from outside.
What it looks like from outside.

All three of us- Adam, my boyfriend and I went for the tsukemen ramen, where you dip your ramen into a separate bowl of broth. It was a rather silent meal, other than punctuations of ‘OOOH’ and ‘OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS TOO GOOD!’ coming out from me. I am definitely going back here, and if you’re in Tokyo, you should definitely eat here!


Next, we headed to Ameya Yokocho, which is a little shopping street. They sell loads of things here, from fish to clothes to cosmetics, so it makes for a very pleasant stroll. Fun fact- this street used to be a black market after World War II. And the ‘Ame’ stands for America, as a lot of American products used to be sold there. There are also a lot of eateries along the way.

a2e6016a-a3a0-4f07-b6eb-fee10de96ba41c26188b-1510-4034-aa19-734ff042348c3d583a7f-b0aa-402c-a24f-14cd5eb48b4e91a36691-edcf-4cf3-8d21-2a55cdc2379eeae67c47-6c75-44fe-933a-eb783cff9b1941cbdc70-12a3-4ab9-b29a-2943139bba9fAt the end of the street, we arrived at Ueno Station, where across it is the huge Ueno Park. I’ve been to Ueno Park before during cherry blossom season, where the entire park was jam-packed with serious picnickers. Since it was fall, people weren’t having picnics but the park was still very crowded.

415682ba-7c4c-4fef-a520-6284abdc329873c4117e-224f-4470-a0a9-282ecf162f900d26e3dc-b880-4295-80ae-948ab1a46397b1cdaf5a-6fc1-4014-8b00-0f6cb49281c9f15227df-2f94-4d48-8581-1e94876e066f960e66b5-4640-4ae9-b6f4-9bb5844492e7At the end of the park is the Tokyo National Museum. It’s the oldest national museum and in fact, is one of the largest art museums in the world. Admission is 620 yen for the regular exhibition. We spent close to two hours there, wandering from room to room.

d2517701-08bf-4b99-8a1f-1f428654c4c584362edb-d7e9-43ab-a30b-66acc98cfc6c746c1b5e-c36c-4a3e-9122-af8088e88cca6b76222e-7509-440d-a938-7dec28814e5672453b41-cdf5-490e-8681-1600741b3159bf2c2f0d-e676-48d3-82dc-e76403fb3207After that, we grabbed a coffee at a nearby coffee shop called Precious Coffee Moments. Initially, I was snorting at the lame name, but my snort very quickly changed into a big gulp when I drank it – it’s really smooth, delightful coffee. It was very crowded, and there were a few annoying people who had obviously finished their coffees but were just lounging around lazily taking up precious space, so we headed to the park to enjoy our coffee.

fe9e6d25-2993-4ebe-bd73-70a446e4d000I headed home after, but Adam and my boyfriend went to Akihabara to check out the electronics (and likely the maid cafes). If you’re in the neighbourhood, definitely do pop by Akihabara as it’s a pretty different world over there too.

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Menya Musashi address:

〒101-0025 東京都千代田区Kanda Sakumachō, 2 Chome, 外神田佐久間町2−18−5, アークビル, 1F

Ameyoko street address:

4 Chome-11 Ueno, 台東区 Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 110-0005


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