Burgers In Roponggi At AS Classics Diner

Last Saturday, I was in a big burger-y mood, and I was also going to the Tokyo Film Festival in Roponggi, so I decided to try out AS Classics Diner in Roponggi Hills. We went at 12:15pm, and there were 3 couples ahead of us but the line moved pretty fast, we got in after about a ten minute wait.

They have a massive selection of burgers here – 20 types! I went for the ASC Special Hot Sauce Burger, while my boyfriend went for the Avocado Cheese Burger.

Avocado cheese burger!
ASC Special Hot Sauce Burger!
Hot Rod Burger!
Avocado cheese burger!

Boyfriend was very happy with his burger and was wolfing it down like he hadn’t eaten in a few days, while we both agreed my burger was rather so-so. There were a lot of things going on in my burger – cheese, avocado, fried egg, chilli, bacon and BBQ sauce, and mashing it all together just didn’t seem to work. If you go there, I’d suggest you give this burger a miss but try out their other simpler burgers.

Their menu is pretty big, there are of course starters that include fried chicken, fish and chips, pickles and Mexican chorizo, your regular Caesar salads and Grilled chicken salads, and also 3 types of soups (New England Clam Chowder, Manhattan Clam Chowder and Chicken Gumbo). And, if you’re not a burger person you can go for their sandwiches, of which they offer 13 kinds.

I think I would definitely go back to this place, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to go here. It has nice ambience and good service, so its definitely a nice place to have lunch or dinner!

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