Bon Appetit, Bondi Cafe

I’ve been to Bondi Cafe twice so far, and I really like it there. Bondi Cafe has a couple of branches, but the one I went to was in a neighbourhood called Tomigaya, which I think tourists probably don’t really know, but it’s a really nice, cosy neighbourhood with lots of cool bars and restaurants around. It’s called ‘Bondi Cafe Yoyogi Beach Park’, and you can click on the link if you want more information on it! 🙂

This place is very big for Japanese standards, but also very popular so there’s usually a line. Here’s a picture I took of the restaurant while waiting. I’m not too sure why we were waiting despite the fact that I was looking at an empty table, but we were seated very soon after so I didn’t complain.

img_4085There’s also a little bar area here.


We were seated at a nice big table – it’s a table that’s really much more suitable for big groups, but it has a nice sofa and it’s very comfy. Also, this place is dog friendly! I’ve seen so many dogs come in here with their owners. What happens also is that every time a new dog comes in, they replace the cover on the sofa (which is the striped throw in the picture you see below) Seriously. Japanese service. Amazing!!!

img_4094They have a pretty big selection of food here, ranging from pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and Asian food. (Yes!!! Asian food!) This place is actually perfect for my boyfriend and I because we can never agree on food (he’s very Western in his food tastes and I’m very Asian).

For starters, we had anchovy fries. I’ve never had anchovy fries before until I got to Japan, so I’m not sure if it’s a Japanese thing, but it’s SO good. At first, I thought, oh my God, anchovy fries sound disgusting, but once I tasted it, I completely revised my opinion.

img_4099I had green curry and rice, which is probably not the thing that you should come to a place called ‘Bondi Cafe’ to eat, but it was delicious nevertheless! Hot, steaming white rice with a creamy, milky green curry. Eurgh! I want to eat it again just thinking about it!


This place is a really great spot for a nice hangout. The first time I went, it was with my two girlfriends, and it’s just such an ambient, pleasant environment to be in while you catch up with people. A definite reco from me!

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