Ann Jie

Loves good conversations and hates small talk. Finds people fascinating and wonders why meanies exist. Loves writing violent, graphic short stories but finds horror movies too scary to watch. Follow me on Instagram @annjieslices or tweet me a slice of YOUR life at @annjieslices!

Summer Supper

It was a warm summer’s evening when my friends Evelyn and Paul met up with my boyfriend and I for dinner at Summer Suppe…


Day Trip to Mount Takao

A couple of weeks back, I went for a hike at Mount Takao with my friends Anna, Cheryl and Jason. Cheryl and Jason were i…


Cheap Yakitori At Torikizoku

Yakitori, aka grilled chicken on skewers, is always a fun thing to have. You can get yakitori pretty much anywhere, from…


You Need Blank Space

And no, not the Taylor Swift version. In life, I strongly believe that if you want to be really productive and creative,…

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