An Izakaya In Ebisu

A few weeks ago, I was in an izakaya in Ebisu bidding farewell to Karan, a really good friend who’s moved to Amsterdam. He’s also crazy talented, but that’s going to be a story for a different day. Nah, but actually, check his work out here, because he’s so ridiculously talented. 

Back to my talent, (eating), we wound up in an izakaya because a lot of the places we went to were full. It wasn’t our first choice, but, it definitely did not disappoint

izakaya tokyo ebisu
Eat your veggies.
tokyo izakaya ebisu tofu
Tofu for nice, beautiful skin. I was always told my skin texture was more like an orange peel than a tofu. I have mean friends.
Can’t be at an izakaya without having yakitori!
quail egg tokyo ebisu izakaya
My favourite, quail’s eggs!
meatball tokyo ebisu izakaya
Say hello to my delicious meatball that’s not in the shape of a meatball.
chicken wings tokyo ebisu izakaya
Chicken wings, thoughtfully wrapped to keep your delicate fingers clean and pretty!
tokyo ebisu izakaya chicken avocado
I’m not sure I understood this combination of avocado, chicken and wasabi, but I gobbled it down anyway. I’d was okay. Not fab. But okay.
izakaya tokyo ebisu chicken cheese
Meet my preferred combination, chicken and cheese. Yeshh!
potatoes tokyo ebisu izakaya
Potatoes, because I am a strong believer carbs are good for you.

Location here! 

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