Ahilya: Great Indian Food, Slow Slow Service

When I first moved to Tokyo, my company put me up in a nice service apartment called Tokyu Stay in Aoyama. Right next to it was an Indian restaurant that served delicious food. I think it was the first time that my boyfriend and I had our very first couple date with Alexandre and Aurore, two amazing humans I’m very happy to call my friends. As they were leaving Tokyo soon, we decided to go back there one more time to relive the good memories.

While the food was great, the service was not. You had to call them a couple of times, they weren’t attentive and food took quite a while to get to us. However, the food did make up for it.

Tandoori prawns as an appetizer. Juicy, succulent, crispy, this was an explosion of flavour.
Butter chicken. Doesn’t look particularly exciting, but trust me. YUMMY IN MY TUMMY.
Cheese naan. Sinful, delicious and worth every calorie!
Mutton kurma. This was comforting and warm, perfect for a rainy day.
Regular naan.
Egg curry. Basically, egg in a curry. Nothing mindblowing.
Chicken briyani. Spices meshed together for the ultimate flavor. Packed quite the heat punch!!

So if you have time and are feeling patient, you could check out Ahilya. Just be warned that service is not great, so that might take a dent out of the dining experience. They’re not rude or anything like that, the servers are all quite pleasant, it’s just that it takes so long!

Ah, of course. Link over here. And if you’d like to check out what else to eat, go to our food section here!

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