A Little Slice Of Why I Created Little Slices

Hello everyone!

Welcome to Little Slices.
My name is Ann Jie and I hope to share a slice of my life with you – but more importantly, why I started this site was so that I could share little slices of the lives of people around me.
I’ve been really blessed in my life to be surrounded by all kinds of amazing people. The older I get, the more fascinating people I meet. There are so many people in this world who come from so many different cultures – and they all have such an interesting, different stories to share.
With Little Slices, it’s my goal that I get to share a little slice of their lives with you!

Before we get to them, here’s a little slice of my life.

I’m a Chinese Malaysian, and I’ve lived in Malaysia my whole life. I went to a public school, followed by a public local university before getting into my first job. I’d never been bitten by a travelling bug or wanted to study abroad, but in my mid twenties, I started feeling like I should live abroad or travel a little bit before I got older and commitments started piling up. I was lucky enough that my work sent me to Singapore where I lived for two years. Then, I moved to my all time favourite city, Tokyo, for work!

Sometimes I still pinch myself because I can’t believe I get to work and live in this amazing city. This is also one of the reasons I’m starting Little Slices – I want to share the little parts of Tokyo with you. Sure, touristy things are fun to do but I find it (and I hope you do too!) very interesting to see how people do things in their every day lives, especially when they’re in a culture so far removed from your own. Prior to moving to Tokyo, I don’t speak or read any Japanese or even Kanji, so I’m really starting from ground zero here.

(But here, I’m in Kyoto with the grumpiest potato seller I’ve ever met)

One of the best parts of Tokyo has to be the food. Tokyo is full of little neighbourhoods and the tiniest shops with the most charm. Here, I’d like to share my favourite restaurants, little hole in the wall places or budget places which might help if you’re travelling and hoping to save.

Living in Tokyo as a foreigner has both perks and its challenges. For example, up till today I never know how to buy detergent. I constantly buy the wrong thing – bleach, dishwasher, softener. Here, I hope to share with people the ups and downs I face living in Tokyo! (And honestly, it’s about 98% ups and 2% downs). And a few ruined clothes.
There are also so many Japanese concepts I am excited to learn more about – concepts like kaizen – continuous improvement or ikigai – what is the purpose of your life? It’s the best time of my life right now, surrounded by Japanese, to learn more about these and see how it’s applied in their own daily lives!

In Yanaka.

I LOVE the idea of experimenting to meet my goals. For example, making gradual changes to a healthier lifestyle. Drinking a detox tea for 3 days to see if it gives me a flatter tummy. Trying to stick to a nighttime routine. Trying to wake up early. Here, I will share with you my efforts (sometimes disastrous, but most of the time fun for me) and maybe you can teach me a thing or two on how to get my experiments to work better!

Last, the musings section are random thoughts I have. They are rants, realizations, learnings – a little part of me.

If you’d like to know more about me, follow me on Instagram at @annjieslices or tweet me at @annjieslices!

With that, I hope you enjoy Little Slices!

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Ann Jie

Loves good conversations and hates small talk. Finds people fascinating and wonders why meanies exist. Loves writing violent, graphic short stories but finds horror movies too scary to watch. Follow me on Instagram @annjieslices or tweet me a slice of YOUR life at @annjieslices!

  1. Wow..i see now you are in Japan. Good luck to you! Nice to see you are having a nice time 98% up and 2% down..lol

  2. Grammar check of Facebook post: “…for my boyfriend and ME…” Would you say “for I”? Accusative case.

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