A Day Trip To Izu

When our friends Wang san and Noriko san invited my boyfriend and I for a day trip out to Izu, I was very excited!

Our first stop was to the MOA Museum of Art. Now, I confess I know nothing of art, but I always find it fascinating to go to museums. We went to see the Grand Reopening Exhibition – Masterpieces From The Museum’s Collection and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Seascapes: Atami.

My photography is really not doing any justice to the art above, but I found the black and white photography really incredible. This is what I like about certain pieces of art – it invokes a feeling that’s hard to describe with words. Looking at those pictures, I felt a sense of mystery. They felt slightly voyeuristic even, as if they were watching the world while the world was asleep.

The above might not make sense to you, but that was my interpretation anyway.

Next up, we headed out for lunch. This place was famous for it’s soba, and there was a long queue. So while we put our names in, we went to a nearby tea house and strolled by the gardens surrounding it. It was such a beautiful day!

After that, we headed back to the soba restaurant. Service was not great, but food was, so that compensated for it. Later, we found out that the staff in the restaurant were actually not paid, but were part of a religion that ran the restaurant. So, ok, I guess the service was not bad given the fact that they weren’t paid. Heck, if I weren’t paid, I’d be sloshing soup all over everyone just because I could.

After that, we drove to Jogasaki Suspension Bridge to catch the sunset! It was such a beautiful path heading there. Walking through the forest is pretty damn magical.

After that, we went to an onsen! For obvious reasons, there are not going to be any pictures here.

To end the day, we went to local restaurant in Numazukou, Shizuoka Prefecture that served such ridiculously good seafood. Japan, you really spoil me in every way. Here’s the link of the restaurant, because YOU SHOULD TOTALLY go here!

And of course, a big thank you for such a wonderful day, Wang san and Noriko san (aka most stylish couple I know)!

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