5 Ways To Save More Money

Ah, money. Or Bitcoin, depending on your preference nowadays. I’ve read a lot of articles about how you should stop drinking lattes and this will save you a whole bunch of money, but honestly this has never really helped me because I don’t even drink that much lattes.

Anyway, here are a couple of very easy ways of saving money which require very little effort.

Bring Your Own Work Lunch

One of my favourite sites for work lunches is Work Week Lunch by Talia Koren. She has a ton of super easy recipes to make. However, if you totally don’t cook and the thought of putting a slice of cheese between two pieces of bread is too much work for you, an easy option is to bag up leftover dinners and make them your lunch. Ta-da. Easy.

Stop Shopping So Much (Duh)

The key here is not to suddenly impose a lot of restrictions upon yourself. If you tell yourself, “I’m not going to buy anything this entire year!”, you’re going to end up miserable and deprived and suddenly go binge-shopping on Singles Day. (Um. That may or may not have happened to me). If you shop a lot, just buy one less thing every month. You’re not going to die from one tiny little thing you’ve stopped buying. Baby steps!

Mend/ Upcycle Instead Of Throwing Out

In today’s consumeristic world, we have a tendency to get rid of things when they don’t work and buy something new to replace it instead of mending it. My boyfriend has a lot of white T-shirts he wears under his shirts, and they’ve become really frayed. I’ve been laughed at for this, but I actually cut up all his T-shirts into little strips of rags, and they now replace my tissue papers. The idea of this was not so much to save money as to stop using single-use products like tissue papers, but it actually helps save you cash too, albeit a small amount. Hey, every bit counts, right?

Have An Automatic Savings Transfer Every Month

Every personal finance website says this, and it’s true. Pay yourself first and put your money in a bank account where you don’t have an ATM card so it’s difficult to redraw money.

Sell The Random Shit You Don’t Use Anymore On Craigslist

Two benefits with this one – the first, you get rid of something that’s no longer sparking joy (hi Marie Kondo!) or just taking up space in your house. Second, you get some cash out of it! What’s not to love? (Other than the weirdos on Craigslist, of course).

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