5 Ways To Eat Healthier

Eating healthy does NOT sound fun at all in my opinion, but over the years I’ve come to realize there are a lot of nice, healthy foods that actually taste good out there. We all know the benefits of eating healthy, but sometimes to completely turnaround your life just feels like it takes so much effort, you know?

Anyway, baby steps make the biggest difference, because that way they’re sustainable and they don’t feel like a chore. Here are a couple of easy ways to eat a bit healthier!

Soups or Salads

Now, I really hate salads. Nothing about salads appeal to me. I used to force myself to eat salad all the time, but instead of that, I’ve now stopped eating salads and I have soups instead! I put them full of veggies like carrots and greens so they’re good and healthy! My friend Mayu taught me how to make a miso soup with all kinds of leftover vegetables, so it also helps clear out your fridge. Miso’s also good for you!

(Oh, the recipe? Miso, water, leftover vegetables. Stir and you’re done.)

Trash Your Junk

At one point in my life, I ate a bag of Ruffles every week. The big bag, too, not one of those puny little ones. I think it was at that point of time where my belly expanded, and it’s been having a little trouble going back to it’s original small size. Anyway! Get rid of the temptation in your house. Give away all the junk in your house to some person who doesn’t care about health. This way, when you’re looking for food you can’t reach easily for chips.


I like smoothies because they’re fun and they don’t really feel healthy, you know. ‘Healthy’ always makes me think of something bland and tasteless, and smoothies are always yummy! They’re super easy to make too, especially if you have one of those blenders that can convert into a tumbler. Almond milk, bananas, and whatever fruits you have. Blend it all up and you’ve suddenly got a whole bunch of nutrients swimming in your system.

Eat In A Little More

Don’t be mad and decide you want to eat in every day, if you’re always eating out. Try to cook once a week! You’ll discover it’s not too much work and you’ll also know what goes in your meal. This obviously means you do not go and overload everything with salt and pepper and feel good just because you’re doing it by yourself.

Dump The Sugar

Sugar is an evil, delicious thing that’s in practically everything we consume, so decreasing that amount is very helpful for health. For a really informative video on why sugar is bad for you, click here. Cut out sugar by going for drinks with no sugar. If no sugar sounds too tasteless and terrible for you, start by going with less sugar. Remember, every little step counts!

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