5 Ways To Deal With Stress

1. Exercise. Punch it out in kickboxing or just run like crazy. Get all that negative energy out!

2. Meditate. If meditation isn’t your thing and too New Age-y for you, then do something that allows you some quiet time. The point is to relax your mind.

3. Learn the lesson you’ve been dealt. Every bad situation has a positive, so try to look at the bright side of things. If there really isn’t a positive, then there’s a lesson to be learnt somewhere.

4. Put things in perspective – you’re most likely not going to think about this stressful situation during your deathbed. Let it go.

5. You might feel like crashing on your bed or being a lump in front of your TV, but try to do something productive for yourself that will help you feel better and a little accomplished about your day. It can be something as easy as working on a hobby you like, or if you’re a glutton for punishment, do a chore you’ve been putting off. When you go to bed, at least you can feel like you’ve done something productive.

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Ann Jie

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