5 Ways To Answer People When They Ask You When You’re Going To Get Married

I’m at the age where everyone around me is getting married and popping out babies, so inevitably, I always get asked, “When are you getting married?”

Now, of course, this question is not annoying or invasive in any way at all. In fact, I enjoy getting asked this question repeatedly, over and over again, by people who are completely not close to me in any way.

As tempting as it is to tell them to bugger off, here are a couple of ways I’ve found to answer. And of course, if you have any brilliant ideas, please share!

For Someone You Don’t Like

“When you get divorced.” (This gem is from my friend Karan. I found this hilarious and snarky and evil!)

For Someone You Like But Are Not Close To

“Ah, not yet.” (I find this actually a very effective statement and it usually ends the conversation there.)

For Someone Who Asks You All The Time

“Next year.” (It doesn’t matter if it’s true. He or she will ask you again next year, and then you just have to repeat the same untruthful answer.)

For Someone Who’s Still Single And Should Stop Asking Idiotic Questions

“After you.” (I mean, duh.)

For Someone Who’s Just Gotten Married And Is Feeling Smug

“After you get your first kid.” (If they already have a first kid, then replace it with a second kid. Or a third kid. If they already have 10 kids, then, uh, you’re on your own.)

I think generally when people ask this question, there usually is no ill-feeling involved in it. I just do find this question a very invasive question. I mean, is there really any good answer to this? I remember a girlfriend of mine who used to get very stressed at this.

“We’ve been together for 8 years, and I’m ready for marriage, but HE’S JUST NOT ASKING! WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO? PROPOSE TO HIM?” she would yell at anyone who dared ask. Now, what do you answer to that?

Another friend of mine was very much in love with her partner but just wasn’t interested in marriage.

“I love him and he’s the one, but I’m just not ready for marriage,” she would say. And then, all her aunts would pepper her with questions.

“But why? Why not? This means you are not serious, no? This means, you don’t really think he’s the one, right? Why don’t you want to get married? Why? Why? Why?”

How do you normally respond or react when you get asked this question?

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