5 Reasons Why You Should Judge A Little Less

I usually don’t like making generalisations, but I think I can safely say that each one of us has probably had a moment in life where they’ve felt judged. You could have felt judged by your looks, your intelligence, your privilege or lack thereof, your race, anything at all!

Being and feeling judged are definitely not fun. The question is, if we don’t like being judged, why do we judge so much?

Here are 5 reasons why you should judge a little less!

  1. Those who judge the hardest often feel most judged
    I have seen that people who judge the most are often most afraid of what others think of them. People who are quick to judge and comment on another person often tend not to do put themselves out there or take any risks, because they’re afraid of being judged the way they judge others. Leading a life out of fear and not doing things because of “What will others think of me?” is a very uninspiring way to live.
  2. Your life DOESN’T improve in any way the more you judge others
    Heck, your life and world view gets narrower and narrower. People in the world will do things differently from you, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean just because they’re different, they’re bad. You yourself are very different from others in your own way, and it doesn’t mean that the way you live your life is wrong. Put yourself in another person’s shoes before opening your mouth with a judgment.
  3. You will be happier
    This is important. When you stop judging, it means you’re stopping a flow of negativity in your life. When there’s less negativity, there’s more room for positivity to come in! Now, who doesn’t want to be happier?
  4. You might learn something
    I confess, I was very much more judgmental when I was younger. I had very firm beliefs of what was right and wrong. I still do, but I’ve become much more accepting of different world views and different perceptions, and also open to the fact that I can make mistakes. I once met a girl, whom I had only seen on Instagram before. I didn’t like her Instagram personality at all- I thought she was shallow and vain, but when I met her in person, she turned out to be the nicest, sweetest, most supportive person. I learned that I really cannot judge someone by how they look, and I could have totally lost the opportunity of making a really great friend.
  5. The world needs more love and less hate
    There are a lot of awful things going on in the world today. Wars, corruption, greed, poverty. We have real problems out there in the world that need to be solved. Why are we wasting time with petty little judgments? As corny as this sounds, I firmly believe that the world needs more light, more positivity and more love. Judgment  has no place in that!

So, join us in our mission to judge a little less!

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Ann Jie

Loves good conversations and hates small talk. Finds people fascinating and wonders why meanies exist. Loves writing violent, graphic short stories but finds horror movies too scary to watch. Follow me on Instagram @annjieslices or tweet me a slice of YOUR life at @annjieslices!

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