Yummy Yakiniku!

I have never been much of a beef lover, but that has completely changed since moving to Japan.  Yakiniku, in my opinion, is one of the absolute best things Japan has to offer. I once ate 300 grams of yakiniku in one sitting, (which is an idea I don’t recommend) but nevertheless, was delicious!

Yaki means grilled, and niku means meat. If you’ve never been to a yakiniku place before, here’s how it works. Each table has a grill in the middle of the table. Waiters will serve you raw meat that then you can start grilling.  This is when you will start arguing with your table-mates on what the perfect beef should be like – some like it bloody, some like it well done. You most likely will also discover some very lazy people who only like to eat, and not help with the cooking, but that’s okay too.

I am always on the lookout for new yakiniku restaurants, but here are a few of my favourite yakiniku restaurants in Tokyo so far!



beef tokori
The little drawing of the cow on the plate illustrates which part of beef you’re eating!
More beef, because one plate is never enough!
More beef, because one plate is never enough!
Beef sushi! Raw beef + rice. I'm not a fan of this, but my boyfriend is completely addicted to it! If you haven't tried it, you should just for the experience of it!
Beef sushi! Raw beef + rice. I’m not a fan of this, but my boyfriend is completely addicted to it! If you haven’t tried it, you should just for the experience of it!

Oh God. This is my number 1 yakiniku place. SO DELICIOUS. They serve you the meat on a tray and explain to you the order to eat the meat, where you start from the best.. My boyfriend likes to do it the other way around, because he likes to save the best for last. Service at this place is always very good, and the meat is just so mind-blowingly delicious. We also like ordering the Bibimbap cheese rice here, which is such a nice complement to the beef.

Plus point – English menu! Yahoo!

It can be a little expensive though, you can easily spend 4,000-5,000 JPY here, which is about 40-50 SGD.


Gyukaku is everywhere and this makes me very happy! This is also where I ate 300 grams of meat in one sitting. I was with my work colleagues, and as we were all in a rather jolly and ambitious lunch mood, so we decided to order the biggest set we could find. EVERYONE ate 300 grams of beef. If you go during lunchtime, you get such a good set for 1000-1300 yen (10-13 SGD). Dinner is of course more expensive, but I still find it worth it. Especially if you order the better cuts of beef, you will be swooning with beefy happiness!

There also is an English menu here!

300g. OMG.
300g. OMG.

PS. I was full for the next three days.


Nothing cheers me up quite like a beautiful plate of beef.

Here’s another yakiniku chain I find amazing. It’s a really nice place to have dinner because it’s partitioned quite well and in a way that ensures you have a lot of privacy. I’ve brought friends and my boyfriend’s parents here before, and all were happy campers. This place is also a little more expensive with the average price per pax being around 4,000-5,000 yen (40-50SGD).

My favourite way of eating yakiniku is to dump the meat in salt and eat it with hot white rice. My boyfriend thinks I bastardize the beef this way, as he likes to eat the beef pure, but I find this extremely SHIOK!!!

If you’re ever in Japan for a holiday, it’s a big old waste if you don’t go for any yakiniku. This is the number one must eat thing on my list in Tokyo. (Yes, over sushi!) There are loads of amazing yakiniku restaurants I haven’t tried, but so far, every single yakiniku restaurant I’ve been to hasn’t disappointed.

Here’s me wishing you a good ol’ beefy time!

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