2018 New Year Resolutions

I’m one of those people who just LOVE making New Year Resolutions. Most of the time I’ve forgotten them all by February, but it’s never stopped me year after year from making resolutions, mainly just because they’re so damn fun.

Anyway, I have a couple of resolutions for 2018, resolutions I hope I’ll be taking seriously (and documenting on the site too!). I used to make resolutions like, ‘Learn Japanese this year,’ or ‘Learn Chinese this year,’ or ‘Learn French this year’. Hmm. I’ve basically never learnt any language properly, so I’m going to stop with that as a resolution.

Instead, for 2018, what I’d like to do is to live more simply. I’ve been reading about this movement called slow living, which I find extremely appealing. It actually starts off with ‘slow food’, which is a movement that emphasises more traditional foods rather than all the fast food junk that we have.

I’d like to be more present. We’re so goddamn addicted to our phones, to constantly watching what notifications pop up. I’d like to have long conversations with friends without being distracted my phones.

I’d like to live more sustainably, more minimally and less wastefully. OK, this will be a biggie of mine for 2018. Living more sustainably, to me, means shopping more mindfully. It means not buying so much crap that I don’t need anymore. It means being a being more ethical in the choices that I make. I guess this means goodbye to H&M and Zara, which makes me sad, because I love the clothes they make. I’m going to say goodbye to fast foods, and I’m going to try to cook healthier things for my boyfriend and I.

I’m going to buy less, and be more minimal in my approach. Minimalism has been something I’ve been very interested in for the past few years, and I’ve pared down a lot of my possessions. I’ll be writing more about this in future, too. I’m going to experiment with capsules wardrobes.

I’m going to live with as little waste as possible. You may or may not have heard of Bea Johnson, the queen of Zero Waste. Read her book. Go to her website. It’s amazing with a ton of gems inside it. It’s about living and creating as little trash as possible. I don’t expect to get to her level anytime soon, but I’d like to reduce the amount of trash I make as much as possible. This means goodbye to all plastic bags. I’m going to bring my own recyclable bag with me all the time (I do this already). I’m going to say no to single-use items like disposable cups and straws. I’m going to pick things with as little packaging as possible, and try to buy as much bulk. It’s probably going to be difficult with makeup, but I’m going to try my best where I can. I’m going to make more of my own products. I made a honey mask and a lip scrub the other day. They were awesome and had no packaging. I also discovered one of the easiest, most effective home cleaners. One part vinegar, four parts water, some essential oils (I used peppermint). Put it in a spray bottle and spritz. My mirrors have never looked shinier.

In 2018, I’d really like to focus on going back a little bit to the basics. Being fully in the moment with people, being able to cook more, and going back to a more traditional way of doing things. I love the world we live in today, but sometimes it’s just so very tiring, especially when you live in a big city like Tokyo.

What are your resolutions for 2018?

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Ann Jie

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