A Makeup Junkie’s Attempt At Going Makeup Free For A Week

I love makeup. My love for makeup is what drove me to work for a beauty company, and up till today, I can never say no to a free lipstick. Makeup excites me! I find it fun, experimental and therapeutic all at the same time. Up to three years ago, I wore loads of makeup. A lot of times, my look was not very well received but I didn’t care, I was having fun with makeup and that was all that mattered to me. I didn’t wear makeup so much for boys – a lot of times, guys tell me they prefer me with less makeup. Makeup, to me, was solely for me. I loved putting on my makeup in the morning. It was incredibly therapeutic and the best start to my day – putting in my earphones, listening to upbeat music and slowly putting on the warpaint!
I had been wearing contacts my entire life, and two years ago, I developed an allergy to it. My eye doctor told me not to wear contacts for a full year, and when the year was up, I was only allowed to wear lenses for 4-6 hours. This severely impacted my makeup wearing abilities, because, believe it or not, I am so blind I cannot see my face if I don’t wear my lenses. And of course, if you’re wearing eye makeup, or you’re attempting to wear eye makeup, you’re not going to be able to do that wearing glasses.
So I stopped putting a lot of effort in my makeup. It just wasn’t fun, not being able to see what I was doing. I had glasses, I dressed sloppier and I just felt a little bit uglier in general. I still wore makeup, but usually nothing on my eyes. I relied on lipstick and blush, but I hated the contrast of my thick glasses against my painted face. It just wasn’t working for me.
A couple of months ago, I decided to get Implantable Contact Lenses. I’m going to write a separate post about this in case anyone is interested, but one thing I knew was that after doing the surgery I was not supposed to wear makeup for a month. Actually, I had gotten this wrong – I was just not supposed to wear eye makeup for a month, but for some reason I thought I wouldn’t be able to wear lipstick too. I decided I didn’t want to shock people too much because they’re used to seeing me with makeup, so the month leading up to my surgery, I stopped wearing foundation. Then I stopped with the eyebrow pencil, and for the last week, I stopped with blush and lipstick.
It’s a little bit of a long intro, but I wanted to explain why I decided not to wear makeup for a week and what drove me to that. I do feel that it doesn’t look very polished or professional if you go to work without some makeup on – just to look a little bright, and I dreaded going to work with zero makeup.
Here’s what I discovered.
I hated the first day of not wearing makeup. I felt super ugly! I felt like I looked like a very sick zombie and for some reason, even my hair started misbehaving. I also felt very embarrassed to see people. It made me realize what a huge crutch makeup is to me, and how important it is in my daily life. I don’t think so much about it when I wear it, but the absence of it is a huge impact to me.
The next few days were a little bit better, although I had a few people come up to me and offer me their lipsticks. The thing I’ve learnt most is that I managed to become more comfortable with my bare face. Towards the end of the week, I felt a lot more comfortable and confident just being in my own skin, without makeup. Of course, a few people told me I look a lot ‘healthier’ when I have makeup on but it didn’t bother me so much. And it felt good, being able to go out without any makeup whatsoever. I have never considered myself one of those naturally beautiful girls who don’t need any makeup – my face needs a lot of work to look presentable! But this one week managed to make me feel a lot stronger and better about myself.
Now that I’ve had my eye surgery, I’m back to wearing makeup. But what I like doing, is to go without makeup once a week (usually Sundays for me!) It’s just a little reminder to myself to love me for who I am, and also to give my face a little break from all the layers I put on it. It’s a strangely refreshing and liberating feeling to be able to face the world without the war paint on.

Now you try it and let me know how it goes!

Ann Jie

Loves good conversations and hates small talk. Finds people fascinating and wonders why meanies exist. Loves writing violent, graphic short stories but finds horror movies too scary to watch. Follow me on Instagram @annjieslices or tweet me a slice of YOUR life at @annjieslices!

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